The Meridian Community Band maintains a "no chair auditions" policy. Seating is managed by seniority, performer’s experience and desires, dependability, projected attendance for an upcoming concert, cooperation, and conversations with the director and section leader. Part rotation has successfully been used to allow more people to play "first part" during the year without having to resort to annual chair auditions.

New players interested in playing "first part" sometime during the year will be asked to select and perform a brief music selection for the director or the principal player. Players qualified to play first part will be included in the part rotation.

Every attempt is made to have members play parts he enjoys. However it is not possible to have a great band when a disproportionate number of its members play the highest parts. While the model for good balance at the beginning of the century was based on an hourglass figure, the contemporary model for good balance is based on the pyramid: the lowest voices are the most prominent, the middle voices follow, and the highest voices are the fewest resting ever so delicately at the top of the pyramid.

In a community group, it is important that we have strong leaders. Section managers will assume responsibility for various tasks including passing out schedules, chorale books, and determining part assignments. A section manager is often the principal player of his section, but that is not always the case. Principal players usually play any solos in a piece of music. In some sections, by agreement of the principal player, the solos are passed around during the year to allow more people the opportunity to play a solo. On some occasions the director may invite members of a section to audition for a solo or soli in order to select someone most suited for a particular solo/soli. Sections without a principal player will have auditions for that position; only those interested in the spot will have to audition. At the director’s discretion co-principal players may be appointed.

Cooperation rather than competition is the model we use in our non-auditioned community band. Let’s continue to recognize the talents and contributions from all of our members.


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